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UEF standing out at 2015 Admissions Counselling Fair

UEF’s counselling stall was one of the most prominent ones in the 2015 Career Orientation-Admissions Counselling Fair taking place at HoChiMinh City University of Technology on the morning of January 18, 2015.
In this event, UEF left every participant with a strong impression about a friendly and modern university. In addition, UEF’s counselling team gave tens of thousands of high school students useful information about the national high school graduation examination, as well as about the university’s admissions in 2005. Moreover, participants were provided with not only an overview of the training program but also career orientation useful for their future. UEF was absolutely outstanding in the 2015 Career Orientation- Admissions Counselling Fair - in HCM City.
UEF’s symbols at the Career Orientation - Admissions Counselling Fair attracting tens of thousands of high school students and parents

UEF’s admissions counselling stall always full of potential candidates searching for information on admissions and learning environment

Potential candidates getting valuable career advice from foreign lecturers currently teaching at UEF

Enthusiastic professional counselling team providing candidates with useful and practical information on admissions

An especially remarkable feature of UEF’s admissions counselling stall: it draws attention of a multitude of parents to gather information on the university’s admissions for school year 2015

Various candidates taking photographs of their own unforgettable moments with  UEF’s symbols

Candidates couldn’t resist the tempting and exciting  Flash mob  performed  by UEF students

…and enjoying great performances from artistic talent to be found nowhere but at UEF’s stall

Potential candidates from various high schools thoroughly enjoying the Fair together with UEF students at a cheerful, lively dance

Feeling highly delighted with UEF’s unique games

Looking forward to meeting with southwest candidates in the upcoming Admissions Counselling Fair in Can Tho

Center of Admissions Counselling Information-Photo(s): Du Tay