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UEF students exchange with international students from Hwa Chong Institution (Singapore)


MAY 10 - The Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management, in coordination with Camellia Vietnam Tours and Events Company, hosted a meeting with a student delegation from Hwa Chong Institution, Singapore (HCI). The students engaged in many interesting activities and cultural explorations with UEFers.

Accompanying the group of students were eight lecturers from HCI: Mr. Wang Dakun, Mr. Tan Yew Ke, Mr. Bian Yiyang, Mr. Toh Wei Xiong, Ms. Kee Hooi Eng, Ms. Lim Shu Peng, Ms. Ye Lipping, and Ms. Lim Chiew Hong. The group included 62 international students from different countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, China, and Australia. 

UEF welcomed a group of more than 60 students from Hwa Chong Institution (Singapore)


On the UEF side, welcoming and exchanging with the international group were Dr. Ngo Minh Hai - Vice President; Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Thoai - Deputy Dean, Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management; Mr. Nguyen Viet Thuy - Deputy Dean, Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management; Ms. Tran Thi My Phuong - Head, Center of Service-Learning; Ms. Ha Le Thu Hoai - Deputy Dean, Center of Project Design Education; Mr. Tran Dinh Tuan - Head, Tourism and Travel Services Management; Mr. Tran Trong Thanh - lecturer, Tourism and Travel Services Management.

Dr. Ngo Minh Hai shared cooperation target of the international exchange

The representatives of the two institutions take a memorabilia photo together 

At the exchange session, Dr. Ngo Minh Hai - Vice President of UEF, stated that this activity helped the students to connect, learn from each other, and experience many interesting cultural aspects. Besides, the international students can engage in the atmosphere of Vietnamese universities.

The lecturers provided an overview of UEF, its curriculum, and community engagement activities

Representatives of HCI students introduced their institution


At the program, HCI students learned about the features of Ho Chi Minh City and the unique specialities of Vietnamese cuisine, such as Banh mi and coffee. The lecturers of UEF also shared information about the curriculum, courses, and community engagement activities.

Numerous vibrant music performances

HCI students experienced decorating conical hat activity


The representatives of HCI introduced the establishment process and general information about their institution. The exchange became more lively with many performances and the conical hat decoration activity. At the end of the program, HCI students visited and shared their impressions of the modern facilities at UEF. 

HCI’s group of students excitedly visiting the UEF’s infrastructure 

Hopefully, the experiences gained from the program will be cherished memories for the HCI students about UEF in particular and Vietnam in general. It is also hoped that in the future, the two institutions will organize more meaningful international exchange events.