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UEFers wait for the return of the Financial World Research 2021

In order to encourage students to research and apply knowledge to solve practical problems related to the field of Finance - Banking, the Faculty of Finance and Commerce will organize the Financial World Research 2021. The final round of competition is expected to take place on May 17.
The candidate groups will present their topic to judges in the final round

This is a playground for all students who are interested in the Finance - Banking field, competing in the form of groups (maximum 5 members) or individual.

After the promotion time, organizers received 17 registered subjects in 9 research areas: Tax (1), Banking (4), International Finance (2), Fintech (3), Accounting (1), Auditing (1), Corporate Finance (2), Corporate Governance (1), Financial Market (2).

Besides the content of the topic, the ability of critical thinking will be an important factor determining the results of contestants

Going through the preliminary round, contestants will enter the final round taken place on May 17.

In this round, in addition to presenting research topics, contestants also have to answer questions from judges. Combining the scores from the presentations and Q&A part, the organizers will select excellent teams to award prizes.
News: Quy Nguyen