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UK Bachelor's Programme Students Confidently Present Thesis Research Findings


MAY 8, students from the 2020 intake of the international bachelor’s programme with the University of Gloucestershire (UK) participated in a session on the topic "Capstone Project Internal Defense". During the session, the students presented their thesis research findings and received valuable feedback from the faculty.

The thesis research was supervised and evaluated by Ms. Le Nguyen Ngoc Thanh and Ms. Nguyen Hoang Anh - faculty members from the UEF International Institute.

Two faculty lecturers from the UEF International Institute monitored and evaluated the students' reports


Each student conducted their thesis research following a consistent structure: Title and Abstract, Introduction, Literature Review, Hypothesis Development, Methodology, Results and Analysis, Discussion, Conclusion, and References.

Notable research topics explored by the students included Sustainable Marketing, Green Marketing, and Customer Satisfaction in the service industry.

The students presented their research findings in various trending fields

After the presentations, the students received detailed feedback from the two faculty members, including comments on their shortcomings and areas for improvement. This valuable experience will undoubtedly assist the students in refining their future thesis research.

The majority of the courses in the second phase of the 2021 and 2020 cohorts involve thesis writing. This seminar undoubtedly provided the students with valuable insights and practical guidance to successfully navigate their upcoming research-oriented courses. Additionally, it enhanced their knowledge and skills in designing and conducting thesis research in a professional manner.